Matt Justice – What Is More Important, Mercy Or Justice?

Matt Justice is a passionate advocate for health and wellness. He is well-known for his research into infrared saunas and the detoxification they offer. He founded Certified Saunas to help people make informed decisions about the saunas they purchase. Matt has developed a rigorous testing procedure and only recommends saunas that meet his strict EMF levels. This commitment to transparency has earned him a reputation as a trustworthy authority in the sauna industry.

Born and raised in Streetsboro, Ohio, Matt Hannan found his niche as a professional wrestler. Using the ring name Justice, he wrestled in the Ohio independent circuit and for Major League Wrestling MLW where he is a former one-time MLW World Tag Team Champion 1 Called Manders.

He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelors Degree in Human and Organizational Development and continued his education by earning his Masters in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University. Matt is also a licensed insurance agent and registered representative with Peachtree Planning Group, a financial services firm based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. As a wealth manager and tax specialist, he advises his clients on a wide range of financial matters including retirement planning, investments, asset protection and tax-efficient strategies.

In his personal life, Matt is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with his wife, Amanda, and son, Jack. He is also committed to community service and recently spearheaded a grant program for firefighter health that provides infrared saunas at their respective stations.

What is more important, Mercy or Justice?

Mercy is a virtue that should be applied with great care. The goal of justice is not to hurt someone, but rather to provide the best possible outcome in a given situation. Sometimes that means granting mercy to those who may be wrongly accused or convicted of a crime. Other times it is necessary to take a hard line against those who seek revenge or other forms of injustice.

The Bible speaks to both sides of this equation. The apostle Paul often emphasizes the importance of God’s imputed righteousness, or right standing in Christ, and the corresponding personal purity that leads to proper justice. Matthew, on the other hand, places a greater emphasis on the relational aspect of righteousness as it manifests in our lives and society at large. Those who live in view of the coming Kingdom should hunger and thirst for both personal righteousness and the justice that flows from it.