Shop Front Spraying – A Cost-Effective Way to Improve the Outward Appearance of Your Business

Shop front spraying is an effective and surprisingly affordable way to change the outward appearance of your business. Any exterior elements can be sprayed including doors, windows, shutters and masonry (brickwork) but most commonly it is used on aluminium and UPVC shop fronts. The paint is applied in three even coats using an electric spray-painting gun – this technique creates a factory level finish that looks like new.

The paint can be in any colour you wish and we can also offer powder coating. This is an advanced finishing process that results in a high quality finish that lasts ten times longer than traditional liquid paint. It’s the same finishing technique found on thousands of products we use every day and is extremely durable – it will protect your UPVC shop front from corrosion damage, weathering and work as a sealant against damp or rain damage.

A slick and professional shop front creates a positive impression of your business, encourages customers through the door and helps drive more sales. But keeping a shop front in its best possible condition can be a challenging task. After a few years the paint fades, stains appear and materials degrade. If you don’t re-paint or respray your shop front regularly, it can be left looking tired and damaged. This can put off customers and ultimately result in fewer customers visiting your business.

Having your shop front painted professionally by an experienced team shop front spraying is the quickest and most cost-effective way to bring your business back into the spotlight. Our expert tradespeople will transform your drab shop front, covering the faded, dingy or off-brand colours and giving you a crisp, clean and eye-catching look that draws people in and reflects positively on your brand.

Our painters will begin by cordoning off the area and masking all areas to be protected. The substrate will then be heavily degreased and sanded to prepare for the application of a new coating. The shop front will be sprayed in an appropriate RAL or BS colour and you can choose between gloss, satin or matte finishes. Gloss is shiny and highly reflective, satin has 30% reflection while matte has 0% shine.

The spraying can take up to a day and a half depending on the size of the surface area and can be carried out off peak so your customers don’t experience disruption. The completed project will be thoroughly inspected to make sure everything is perfect before we leave you to enjoy the pristine, new look of your business. It’s a well-known retail fact that the more welcoming your shop is from the outside, the more customers it will attract.