Choose Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Installers

Choosing the right epoxy resin garage floor installers near me for your project is an important step to a successful finished product. There is more to the decision than simply Googling “epoxy contractors near me.” A lot of time, effort and money goes into this type of work, and homeowners deserve the best service that they can find for the price that they pay. Researching installers involves looking at customer feedback, price comparisons, certifications, and availability of insurance coverage.

Before applying any epoxy to your garage floor, you should clean the area using a leaf blower, broom or a shop vacuum. The concrete should be free of dirt, oil residue, and grease. After cleaning the surface, you should then use a degreaser to remove any remaining grease from the concrete. This will ensure that the epoxy will bond well with the concrete. It is also a good idea to repair any cracks or potholes at this time.

Once the floor is completely dry, it is ready for the base coat of epoxy. This is applied in 1010 foot sections as if it were a paint job. After the first coat is applied, it will need to dry for approximately 24 hours. A clear top coat can be added for enhanced durability. Adding this layer will make it harder for scratches to penetrate the color base coat, and most of them will remain in the clear coating instead of reaching the concrete.

After the base coat has dried, you can add your choice of colored flakes to the epoxy. These can be broadcast or poured onto the epoxy. It is recommended that you do a small area at a time to ensure even distribution. After distributing the flakes, you should then roll on a second coat of the clear epoxy. This will help to protect the flakes and provide a sleek finish to your garage floor.

The installation process is lengthy, and it is important to choose an experienced contractor to handle the job. This will reduce your stress, and ensure that the results are high-quality. In addition, you should be sure that the contractor has experience working on different types of floors.

Once the flooring is installed, it is a good idea to wait a full week before you drive or park in your garage again. The resin needs this time to fully cure. It is best to avoid exposing the new surface to water or other contaminants during this time, as these will cause the epoxy to peel or damage. This will prevent the risk of rust or corrosion in the future. It is also a good idea to keep your cars covered during this period. This will protect them from dripping chemicals that may spill.